Indie Prize London 2018: A Look at Six Indie Experiences

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Indie Prize London 2018

The indie game scene continually pushes the boundaries of creativity, delivering unique and immersive experiences that often defy genre conventions. For the first time, the Indie Prize was held in the UK, which attracted quite a bit of attention. In particular, these interested companies, such as Nvidia, Amazon, Zplay, OMUK, and Inlingo, decided to support the event this time.

Today, we turn our spotlight onto five such titles: 

Each has etched its mark in gaming through its innovative design, storytelling, and unique gameplay elements.

We Were Here Too: A Puzzle in the Art of Communication

Total Mayhem Games’ We Were Here Too is an online cooperative adventure that thrives on one core mechanic: communication. This unique approach to cooperative gameplay sets players in a mysterious castle with the goal of escape. However, each player has different information, necessitating seamless communication and collaborative puzzle-solving to progress.

The unique focus on communication in We Were Here Too presents an innovative, cooperative puzzle experience that sets it apart from other titles in the genre. The project’s unique approach has not gone unnoticed, earning it a place in the Indie Prize competition by winning the “Best Multiplayer Game” award.

Hyperforma: Hacking through Cybernetic Labyrinths

Hyperforma, developed by HeroCraft, is a unique take on the puzzle genre. Set in an enigmatic cyberspace, the game blends arcade mechanics with a rich narrative, giving players the role of a lone explorer diving into the relics of an ancient civilization to understand its secrets.

With its fusion of striking visuals, gripping narrative, and innovative mechanics, Hyperforma provides an engaging cyberspace puzzle experience that has garnered critical acclaim and a place in the Indie Prize showcase as the “Best Mobile Game.”

Lost Words: Beyond the Page – A Profound Journey through Personal Narratives

Lost Words: Beyond the Page, a beautifully crafted game by Sketchbook Games, is an immersive experience like no other. It expertly melds the mechanics of puzzle platforming with an emotional narrative. Set within the pages of a young girl’s diary, players navigate written words and a vibrant fantasy world, creating a genuinely groundbreaking gameplay experience.

This heart-wrenching narrative penned by renowned game writer Rhianna Pratchett has earned widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to storytelling and the rich, evocative journey it provides. Lost Words is a shining example of the potential for narrative depth in gaming, demonstrating that games can be as emotionally impactful as any other form of media.

This innovative approach has earned the project several industry recognitions, including participation in the Indie Prize competition by winning “The Best Kids and Family Game award.”

The Almost Gone: Unraveling Mysteries in Miniature Dioramas

The Almost Gone from Happy Volcano presents players with beautifully rendered dioramas holding deep mysteries within their intricate details. As players interact with these miniature environments, they uncover a narrative that tackles heavy themes and hidden truths.

The Almost Gone’s engaging narrative, unique visual style, and puzzle design have received praise from players and critics alike. Its unique approach to game storytelling has also earned it a place at the Indie Prize for being the “Most Innovative Game.”

Numbala: Learning Mathematics on a Cosmic Journey

Neurodio’s Numbala is not just a fun side-scrolling space adventure but also an effective tool for learning mathematics. Numbala cleverly integrates math problems into its gameplay, allowing players to learn and practice their arithmetic skills while immersed in an engaging narrative.

Numbala’s blend of education and gameplay sets a high bar for edutainment games. Its unique approach has won it multiple awards, including “Best Game Art” at the prestigious Indie Prize showcase.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

The innovative design and unique experiences offered by We Were Here Too, Hyperforma, Cross Words, The Almost Gone, and Numbala highlight the richness and diversity of the indie gaming scene. These titles have pushed the boundaries of gameplay and narrative and gained considerable recognition, including their participation in the esteemed Indie Prize. Their contributions remind us that the gaming industry’s future lies in the hands of these imaginative developers, who are unafraid to experiment and redefine the gaming norms.

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