Indie Prize Asia 2018: Exploring Ambitious Titles

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Indie Prize Asia 2018

In an era where innovative technology shapes the world of entertainment, video games stand at the forefront as an immersive medium that continuously evolves. Today, we’ll voyage into seven unique titles that defy conventional tropes and offer unparalleled gaming experiences. Let’s dive into the competitive world of “Kabounce,” survive the brutal storyline of “Ash of Gods: Redemption,” and lose ourselves in the visually stunning “Tales of the Neon Sea.”

Kabounce — The High-Octane Pinball Multiplayer

Picture this: a pinball game meshed with the fast-paced frenzy of multiplayer competition. That’s precisely what Kabounce brings to the table. Developed by Stitch Heads Entertainment, this competitive multiplayer pinball title reimagines the classic into a vibrant, high-energy 3D experience.

Players control agile, bouncy pinballs across dynamic stages, battling their opponents while capturing points. It’s a thrilling marriage of action and strategy that rewards both quick reflexes and tactical gameplay. The project’s unique twist on the pinball genre won it the “Best Student Game” at the Dutch Game Awards in 2017, demonstrating its innovation in the indie scene.

Ash of Gods: Redemption — A Harmonic Blend of Narrative and Strategy

Blending tactical combat elements with interactive storytelling, Ash of Gods: Redemption is a turn-based RPG developed by AurumDust. Inspired by the likes of “The Banner Saga,” this title paints a dark, mature narrative set in a world teetering on the edge of its own demise.

However, Ash of Gods truly distinguishes itself with its dynamic story influenced by players’ decisions, potentially leading to the death of major characters and different endings. Its unique combat system — a blend of classic strategy elements and card mechanics — offers a fresh take on tactical RPGs. It’s known for its amazing hand-drawn art and was a nominee for “Excellence in Visual Art” at the Indie Prize 2018 and Independent Games Festival in 2019.

Aeon Must Die! — Transformative Combat and Betrayal

Aeon Must Die!, developed by Limestone Games, is a beat-em-up with a twist. You control a deposed emperor possessed by an interdimensional entity, battling through hordes of enemies in brutal, fast-paced combat. What sets Aeon Must Die! apart is its focus on risk-reward mechanics, where you must sacrifice your stability and defenses to unleash powerful attacks.

Beyond the combat, the project’s narrative of betrayal and revenge, set in a world blending sci-fi and mythological elements, adds depth to the gameplay. Aeon Must Die! made waves at E3 2017, being one of the IndieCade and Indie Prize finalists, showcasing its fresh take on a classic genre.

BACTERIUM — The Microscopic Warfare

In BACTERIUM, players dive into the microscopic world, commanding their own bacterial colony. Developed by Dragon Whisper Game, BACTERIUM challenges players to balance growth, attack, and defense against other colonies in a struggle for cellular supremacy.

This title’s unique approach to real-time strategy — utilizing actual biological concepts like mutation and evolution — sets it apart. BACTERIUM was lauded for its educational value, earning a place in the Indie Prize showcase.

My Time at Portia — An Enchanting Life Sim Adventure

Pathea Games’ My Time at Portia offers players a vibrant, post-apocalyptic world to explore and rebuild. It’s an engaging blend of RPG elements with life simulation mechanics, including farming, crafting, and relationship-building. 

My Time at Portia’s charming, colorful graphics and its emphasis on community and environmental restoration set it apart from typical post-apocalyptic narratives. My Time at Portia is also known for its expansive, intricately detailed world, inviting players for endless exploration. It was one of the most successful indie projects of 2018, with over 1.7 million copies sold worldwide by 2021.

Muse Dash — A Symphony of Beats and Battles

From the studio of PeroPeroGames comes Muse Dash, a rhythm game that combines traditional music gameplay with side-scrolling action. Players guide their characters through beautifully animated landscapes, battling enemies to the beat of an eclectic soundtrack.

What sets Muse Dash apart is its successful fusion of two contrasting genres, creating a visually engaging and audibly delightful title. This unique approach earned Muse Dash an award as the best indie title at App Store and a nomination for the best Audio Design at Indie Prize.

Tales of the Neon Sea — A Cyberpunk Detective Story

Rounding off our list is Tales of the Neon Sea, a pixel-art adventure by Palm Pioneer. It’s set in a cyberpunk world, where players assume the role of a private detective solving a series of intricate mysteries.

Tales of the Neon Sea stands out with its rich, neon-infused visuals and intricate puzzles, enhancing its noir narrative. Tales of the Neon Sea’s unique take on the detective genre made it win multiple awards for “Best Game Design” and “Most Innovative Game” at the Indie Prize, further cementing its place in the indie industry.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

The indie gaming world is a trove of unique gems waiting to be discovered. From pinball battles and bacterial warfare to post-apocalyptic farming and neon-lit mysteries, indie developers continue to push boundaries and challenge conventions. Whether it’s Kabounce’s high-energy competition, Ash of Gods’ interactive storytelling, Aeon Must Die! ‘s transformative combat, BACTERIUM’s microscopic warfare, My Time at Portia’s charming life simulation, Muse Dash’s rhythmic battles, or Tales of the Neon Sea’s pixelated detective story, there’s an indie title out there for every player to treasure.

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