HoN Team Profile: Reason Gaming

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HoN Team Profile: Reason Gaming

Reason Gaming has solidified its position as a prominent contender in the world of Heroes of Newerth (HoN). With a history dating back to late 2013, this organization made waves by acquiring the former Justice League team and re-entering the competitive HoN scene. Through numerous changes and challenges, Reason Gaming has emerged as a resilient and dominant force, leaving a lasting impact on the esports landscape.

Establishing Dominance

Despite facing roster adjustments and frequently competing with stand-ins, Reason Gaming’s core remained intact, forming the backbone of their success. Their breakthrough came during Hontour Season 3 in 2015, when the team’s meticulous preparations and unwavering determination began to pay off. Reason Gaming swiftly became a formidable threat to Sync eSports, one of the reigning powerhouses in the HoN community.

Dreamhack Summer 2015

Reason Gaming’s triumph reached its pinnacle at Dreamhack Summer 2015, a highly prestigious tournament in the esports calendar. Although the team faced initial setbacks in the qualifiers, they showcased their mettle by qualifying in the fourth attempt. Led by the exceptional performances of ImbaBoy on Klanx, Reason Gaming blazed through the event, ultimately securing an impressive 2nd place finish and a substantial prize pool of $13,500.

Reason Gaming’s journey in the HoN scene is a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence. From their inception in 2013 to their notable achievements at Dreamhack Summer 2015, this organization has etched their name in the annals of competitive HoN. As Reason Gaming continues to evolve and leave their mark on the esports landscape, they remain a team to be reckoned with, inspiring fans and aspiring players alike.

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