Get a Sneak Peek at Genshin Impact’s Harbingers in New Fan-Made Teaser

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Reddit user reverieMidnight dropped an animated short’s teaser about Genshin Impact’s Harbingers recently. There has yet to be any sound accompanying the animation. But that doesn’t lower the amazement brought by its impressive quality. In the 15-second clip, viewers can catch glimpses of Snezhnaya. This is the location of Fatui’s frosty home region. Familiar faces from the organization appear. Poised in mysterious settings that spark the viewers’ imagination. As the video reaches its apex, a burst of cinematic visual effects culminates in a stunning showdown. The reason for this battle will surely be revealed when it debuts at the HoYoFair web event on December 30.

The creators of this impressive animation have produced other Genshin fan projects before. You can check out more of their works on their Youtube channel.

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