Genshin Impact Scandal: Tighnari Voice Actor Sexual Misconduct

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Genshin Impact, the popular open-world action role-playing game, is going through quite a scandal. Elliot Gindi, the voice of Tighnari, has been accused of sexual misconduct. These allegations include grooming underage fans, transphobic behavior, and emotional manipulation.

Gindi’s wrongful actions were exposed by his Twitch and Discord moderation team. They collected and disclosed chat logs and screenshots of his inappropriate manners.

In response, miHoYo released a statement voicing their regret. They confirmed that they are working to address and resolve the problem.

“We deeply regret the harm and damage that happened to our fans, gamers, community and anyone affected. Both our internal teams and external partners including our voice acting studio have been working together on an urgent solution. And we will keep you posted on the progress.”

— Hoyoverse

The Forest Watcher’s voice actor has apologized on his Twitter. He admitted to emotionally manipulating his targets. Yet, he denied knowingly engaging in relationships with underage fans. But many gamers have still called for him to be recast.

Other actors from the game have also spoken out against him. They also expressed support for those who suffer from what he did.



Hu Tao:

Raiden Shogun:

Whether Tighnari’s role will be recast is unknown. We will have to wait and see. While that, it’s important to raise awareness among younger children. Thus, protecting them from falling victim to similar situations.


In a recent development, the developers of Genshin Impact have officially voiced their opinion on the matter. Tighnari’s in-game voice lines will gradually be replaced.

By Duong Tran

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