Gamer Triumphed over Elden Ring with a Shield

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Another Elden Lord prevailed after defeating the final boss with only one hand and a Brass Shield.

At launch, Elden Ring took the gaming community into its whirlwind. The stunning visuals, immersive world, engaging story, and challenging gameplay have brought it the GOTY crown. However, like every other Souls-like, it has proven to be a significant hurdle for a lot of people. Many have to give up once they reach the main obstacle: the bosses. As a result, Elden Ring has seen a high number of players unable to complete the game in 2022.

Yet, after the initial period, many hard-core gamers have proved that the game is no longer a challenge to them. They constantly found creative ways to take on the boss battles and emerge victoriously. Not long ago, Missmika downed two Malenias with her dance pad at once. And today, get ready to meet Sivicks. The man didn’t even bother using both of his hands. Yet, he triumphed without any weapons. He even added another layer of difficulty by playing at level 1, leaving his character with minimal equipment. After nearly seven hours of intense gameplay, Sivicks was able to conquer his self-imposed challenge.

As the game’s difficulty remains unchanged, players are now using it as a platform to showcase their skills. Perhaps FromSoftware should consider increasing the difficulty in future updates to keep up with the evolving skill level of its fanbase.

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