Fortnite X Attack on Titan: The Arrival of Levi and Mikasa

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The time has come to “dedicate your hearts” to Levi and Mikasa Ackerman. The two fearless soldiers from the gruesome world of Attack on Titan are arriving on Fortnite this April 11.

Fortnite’s official Twitter account has recently set the internet ablaze with their post. In just 12 seconds, they managed to stir up the entire gaming community with an electrifying sneak peek of Levi and Mikasa in full-throttle action. To top it off, they captioned it with the iconic phrase “dedicate your heart.” Thus, further fueling fans’ already burning excitement and anticipation.

Levi and Mikasa’s addition to the title follows that of Eren Yeager. The bearer of the Founding Titan was made available as a midseason reward from the battle pass. Epic Games has yet to reveal how these two character skins will be unlocked. But it is expected that they will be available for purchase in the game’s Item Shop.

The developers’ decision to include Attack on Titan’s beloved characters is brilliant. With the series being one of the most popular anime and manga franchises globally, this integration is sure to attract even more players to the game’s already colossal user base.

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