Elder Scrolls Online in Hot Water over Copying Fan’s Artwork

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Elder Scrolls Online in Hot Water over Copying Fan Artwork

Elder Scrolls Online has been in hot water in recent days due to a copyright-related issue. Allegedly, the game copied a fan’s artwork without their consent.

The artist, Relan Daevath, recently posted on Tumblr about the matter to express their shock and disappointment. Their art had become a cosmetic item in Elder Scrolls Online without their permission. And what makes it worse is it’s purchasable in the in-game Crown Store with real money.

The unauthorized use of one’s intellectual property for commercial gain has riled up the gaming community. Thus, a Reddit thread has been opened for the purpose of comparing the two designs. It is evident that the cosmetic item has been copied exactly from Daevath’s original art. 

Shortly after the artist publicly called out ZeniMax Online on social media, the game developer responded. They assured fans that they are actively seeking a resolution to the matter. Additionally, Daevath also confirmed that they have been in communication with the studio regarding the issue.

While the developers have promptly reached out to the original owner and are willing to resolve the issue, it’s still a disheartening case. It underscores the significance of honoring artists’ rights, even in cases where the artwork is fan-made. Obtaining permission and giving credit to the creator when using their work is crucial for anyone. Especially when it comes to game developers and studios. They should work to ensure intellectual property rights are not infringed upon. It’s essential to review and scrutinize the assets used. Even when they are only minor details like cosmetic items.

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