Meet Destiny 2 and Rec Room collaboration on July 11

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It is exciting news, Guardians! On July 11, you will be able to participate in Destiny 2 and Rec Room collaboration!

Destiny 2 and Rec Room collaboration

Rec Room is a popular and casual free-to-play online game launched in April 2016. Many people all over the world can hang out together by dressing up their avatars and playing various fun games created by other community members without being cool programmers.

On July 11, 2024, many Rec Room and Destiny 2 players, including you, can visit the iconic and highly detailed Destiny Tower location, interact with other players, and embark on new and thrilling adventures by training how to be real Guardians. During this collaboration, you can obtain a range of exciting cosmetics based on every Destiny 2 class, including Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. The Hunter’s skin and weapon sets are already available, while the sets for Warlock and Titan will be released for sale in the coming weeks by the Developers.

Rec Room is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S and One, Oculus Quest and Rift, and PC for free on Steam, making it friendly to every player and allowing you to connect with the world right away.

Are you a Rec Room or a Destiny 2 player? If so, what are your thoughts on this collaboration? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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