Dead by Daylight 7.7.0 Mid-Chapter Patch Notes Overview

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Today we’ll be looking at Dead by Daylight 7.7.0 Mid-Chapter Patch Notes. What’s new will this update bring us, what bugs have been fixed, and what to expect next?

Brief 7.7.0 Patch Overview

The Public Test Build of this update seemed promising at first. However, as it turned out during the beta test, BHVR went a little overboard with the main rework of the patch. It was a rework of the long-suffering Twins.

In addition to the Twins, the developers also continued work on the Blight and his Add-ons. They also updated three meta Perks, the Haddonfield layout, and redesigned the in-game Store completely.

The Twins Killer Update

Unfortunately, the planned rework of the Twins had to be postponed for an unknown period. Killer’s Power upgrades were too much.

It seems that BHVR miscalculated cooldowns and gameplay situations, accidentally making Victor (one of the Twins) a killing machine that could knock a Survivor to the ground in a few seconds. The Survivors didn’t stand a chance.

That’s why an overpowered Victor had to be rolled back to his original state. However, the BHVR has greatly improved the quality of life for the Twins players.

“We have received a lot of comments about The Twins’ strength during the PTB. We have decided to revert the changes to Victor’s pounce and keep the various quality of life improvements (faster switching between Charlotte and Victor, ability to recall Victor, and Add-on adjustments & base kit inclusion).”

—   BHVR

In the end, the Twins received:

The Blight Killer Update

This time, BHVR decided to deal with Blight’s collision detection, which directly affected his movement and bumps. On one hand, this made many players happy, but on the other, some were upset.

The fact is that improved collision detection will certainly help to better understand the logic of Blight’s Rushes, as well as build his pathing more confidently. However, many advanced players took advantage of the imperfections of his collision detection, sliding off the objects and surfaces. This was the so-called Blight hug-tech, which will no longer exist.

In addition, in the 7.7.0 Mid-Chapter Patch, Blight’s Addons were once again changed and fixed. It seems that BHVR decided to do this literally every patch.

Perks Updates

As we already reported in best builds for Survivors, two of the strongest Survivor Perks have been changed.

Decisive Strike

In addition to a nice buff, BHVR also wanted to add a stabbing animation when Survivor uses the Perk, but they had to cancel this idea because the animation was buggy.


In addition, BHVR also changed one of the most unfair Killer Perks.

Ultimate Weapon

However, the developers announced that they’ll change the Perk again in the next patch.

Map Lampkin Lane, Haddonfield Update

The once-best map for Survivors quickly lost ground after the rework. For a couple of years, Haddonfield remained in a strange position with strong houses for Survivors and an empty street in the middle of the map where Killers could easily corner the victim.

This time, BHVR decided to try to balance the map again. They reduced its overall size, and removed strong windows in the houses, while at the same time adding Pallets to the street. All houses on the map should now be open and interactable. In addition, the developers added filler Pallets along the edges of the map, as on many other maps, to remove dead zones.

Dead by Daylight In-Game Store Rework

Finally, BHVR decided to rework the in-game store completely, which has not changed since its introduction in 2018. They added a separation of skins into Collections and also standardized the sale of individual characters, DLC, and DLC packs.

In addition, the developers have finally made it possible to try on different parts of outfits separately from each other without purchasing them. It became possible thanks to the addition of a separate Wardrobe for each character. Killers will also be able to watch Mori with their character in the selected skin right in the Store.


A nice bonus of Dead by Daylight 7.7.0 Mid-Chapter Patch is also the transition of the game engine to Unreal Engine 5. Apart from various minor bug fixes and improvements, that’s about it.

What do you think about this Mid-Chapter Update? Let us know in the comments!

See you in the Fog.

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