Players Upset by Too Many Diablo IV Dungeon Nerfs

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Players Upset by Too Many Diablo IV Dungeon Nerfs

Diablo IV players have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the constant nerfs going on for the game’s dungeons

The dungeons have always been the gems of the Diablo series. They are a crucial source of loot and hours of fun time blasting through adversaries. Other than that, crawling through them is also a great way to rack up that EXP bar. However, in recent times, Blizzard has decided to reduce the instances’ difficulty. And as if that isn’t enough, they also decrease the number of enemies players may encounter during their exploration.

Unfortunately, this decision hasn’t been well-received by the community. The dungeons now feel hollow, empty, and lacking excitement. And to those who prefer to solo their way through Sanctuary, these nerfs mean their journey will become much more arduous than necessary. So, gamers have taken to Reddit to express their concerns. To compensate for the reduced EXP, they have to join forces with random players to earn a bonus experience boost. Thus, pretty much soils the solo experience for the lone wolves. They now have to reluctantly team up with the others to compensate for what they shouldn’t have been lacking in the first place.

Diablo IV is still in its early stages. And so, it’s not uncommon for the game to encounter many of its hiccups. However, Blizzard is actively working to address player concerns and achieve a balanced gameplay experience. 

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