No Bug Build Needed: Diablo IV Player Soloed Hardest Boss

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No Bug Build Needed: Diablo IV Player Soloed Hardest Boss

In 59 seconds, a Diablo IV player has solo brought Echo of Lilith to her knees despite her being the hardest boss in the game. What makes the feat even more resounding is that it was achieved without the use of any bug build.

The Sorcerer class has consistently held its position among the top tiers in Diablo IV. Often, it’s even regarded as the game’s most potent class. But even so, taking down an UBER boss in less than a minute remains an extraordinary accomplishment that few can achieve. And Redditor actionchip is one of them.

Demonstrating the power of the one true Sorcerer, actionchip tears down Lilith in just 59 seconds without even breaking a sweat. In fact, excluding the short intermission between Lilith’s phases, the battle may have lasted only a mere 30 seconds.

To achieve such a mind-blogging feat, he employed a clever strategy. He utilized stagger damage inflicted upon the boss with the assistance of ice-based attacks. While Echo of Lilith is staggered, the player switches to a more powerful staff to deal devastating blows. This tactic proved instrumental in dispatching the UBER boss before she could regain her composure.

Remarkably, the Sorcerer did not rely on any exploitative techniques or bugs, such as the notorious “conjuration.” 

So, aspiring Diablo 4 Sorcerers and Sorceresses, now you have a new benchmark to strive for. And, of course, a source of inspiration to overcome the most daunting challenges the game has to offer.

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