New Image of Diablo IV Map Reveals the Title’s Colossal Size

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Diablo IV has fans buzzing with excitement after a new image of the game’s entire map surfaced online. It reveals that players have only explored a small portion of the colossal area during the open beta.

Diablo IV’s beta was recently concluded after two weekends of play. Thus, the franchise is more than restless to see the full release later this year. The latest image has only added to the hype surrounding the title. Although it does not include location names or clear boundaries, players have been able to point out the territory where they had the chance to explore. Compared to the size of the full one, the accessible areas are relatively small. Thus, hinting at a much more extensive gameplay experience.

A discussion on Reddit about the whole map revealed that most commenters were surprised by its vast size, especially when compared to the locations they were allowed to spend time in. Fans are taking this information positively, with some suggesting that the beta was an excellent way to prepare for the entire game. Moreover, the conversation on the forum has sparked ideas about possible expansions and even the title’s unique placement as an MMO.

With this fascinating revelation, players are expecting more locations to explore and discover once the game is released. However, developers need to supplement the vast surface with enough content to keep the community engaged to ensure a truly immersive gaming experience for all.

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