Inside the Game: Learn the Lore with Diablo IV Team

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Inside the Game: Learn the Lore with Diablo IV Team

In the latest addition to their Inside the Game series, Blizzard has provided fans with a chance to dive deeper into the lore of Diablo IV

The video is titled “A New Saga.” Here, the development team’s members will walk you through all the most important moments of Lilith and Inarius’s story. Join you today is Game Director Joe Shely, the “Lore Master” Sean Copeland, Principal Writer Matt Burns, and Associate Writer Eden Trujillo. They will provide their valuable insights into the creation of Sanctuary. And that’s not all. They will also discuss the role of the protagonist and the pivotal characters you may encounter throughout your journey.

To better understand where Diablo IV stands in the long tapestry of time, be sure to check out the game’s official timeline. Released by the developers themselves, this comprehensive chronology will guide you through the ominous events that paved the way for Lilith’s arrival this June.

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