Get Yourself An NPC Army with Diablo IV Glitch

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Get Yourself An NPC Army with Diablo IV Glitch

Not interested in raising the dead but still want to own yourself an army? Say no more! This Diablo IV glitch will grant your wish with the mighty troops of NPCs.

Diablo IV has taken the gaming community by storm since its recent release. It has been showered with favorable reviews from fans and critics alike. However, this doesn’t mean the game is free from its fair share of glitches and bugs.

Other than the notorious problem of servers frequently crashing, a player has stumbled upon a peculiar glitch during their gameplay. Ok-Establishment94 took to Reddit to share their fascinating experience. The glitch caused Tomyris, the NPC, to constantly replicate himself. Whether on foot or on his mount, Tomyris faithfully follows the player’s every move. Eventually, there were twenty-eight identical copies of him wandering about. Unfortunately, NPCs are locked in the region their quest is in. So the prospect of taking this formidable army straight to the end-game boss is impossible.

Even with the hard work put in by game developers, glitches and bugs are an unavoidable part of the gaming world. While some can mar the fun of players, there are also those that bring a smile instead of causing frustration.

As of now, it’s unknown how Blizzard will deal with said glitch. However, one thing is for sure, despite occasional hiccups, Diablo IV still delivers an enjoyable gaming experience that lives up to the franchise’s reputation.

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