Fans Uncover Clues to Diablo IV Secret Cow Level

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Fans Uncover Clues to Diablo IV Secret Cow Level

Fans of the Diablo IV franchise have uncovered yet another clue to Diablo IV’s secret cow level.

Despite Blizzard’s effort to deny that there’s a hidden cow-infested level in Diablo IV, fans are still diligently digging for traces of the enigmatic area. And recently, members of the Discord server Not Finding A Cow Level have brought to light an intriguing discovery

Let’s Get Down to The Available Evidence

The tantalizing evidence lies in a fountain dedicated to “The Oxen Gods” in Ked Bardu.

Diablo IV secret cow level The Oxen Gods fountain in Ked Bardu
(Source: Wowhead)

As reported by PCGamer, there’s a message about cleansing offerings to the mentioned gods. It appears when players interact with one of these statues. And now, the cow-level believers are racing to find items essential for the ritual.

Fans Uncover Clues to Diablo IV Secret Cow Level

The proper items for the ritual have yet to be found within the actual game. Nevertheless, datamined information indicates these items may drop from a world event. A secret key can be acquired once the items are cleansed at the fountain. This key, in turn, unlocks a hidden cellar harboring a portal to the long-sought-after cow-filled location. However, skepticism remains, as it could all prove to be an elaborate wild-goose chase.

What Is Diablo Cow Level?

Fans Uncover Clues to Diablo IV Secret Cow Level

The Diablo Cow Level is an iconic feature of the franchise. Usually, it’s a secret area filled with Hell Bovines — the two-legged, halberd-wielding cows with sentience. Players can explore the location for fun and reap some additional rewards. 

The tale of Cow Level can be traced back to the original Diablo game. At first, it began as a joke that spread like wildfire across the Internet. Later, it was discovered that it was all a pure fabrication of someone’s creative mind. However, the concept gained such popularity that the developers decided to include it in Diablo III. And now, as the fourth addition of the franchise has arrived, fans are excited to find out if the Hell Bovines are back in Sanctuary.

Blizzard continues to maintain their position regarding this matter. They stated that the dark and somber ambiance of Diablo IV doesn’t pair well with the presence of a cow level. However, they have also expressed willingness to reconsider this decision in the future.

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