Diablo IV’s Score Dropped Miserably on Metacritic

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Diablo IV boasts top-notch early reviews score. However, its User Score on Metacritic has dropped miserably. And here’s why.

Diablo IV's Score Dropped Miserably on Metacritic

Diablo IV’s lovers have been immersing themselves in the dark world of Sanctuary for more than a week now. And so, naturally, it’s time for them to share their thoughts and experiences on dedicated websites. As we all know, expert critics have heaped endless praise on the game. However, the feedback from players on Metacritic tells a slightly different story. On the PS5, the User Score stands at 5.6. Not too shabby, right? Yet, the game’s PC version has received a meager rating of just under 5 out of 10. As of now, it currently sits at 4.8

Unveiling the Dark Side

Diablo IV's Score Dropped Miserably on Metacritic

Diablo IV players have expressed disappointment with several aspects of the game. The combat mechanics have been criticized for being slow and unresponsive. Other than that, the uniformity and imbalance of skills and talents have stifled the ability to create unique playstyles. 

Another concern raised is the claustrophobic design of the game. The densely packed objects and lack of spatial awareness detract from the visual appeal and immersion. Additionally, players have found the locations to be limiting and monotonous. Many find it affecting their sense of exploration and adventure. 

In-game items are scarce and lack customization options. Thus, making the collecting and upgrading equipment process arduous and unengaging. 

The way enemies scale in the game and the frequent respawns have caused problems with character progression as well. This has left players feeling less accomplished in their in-game goals. Additionally, the interface is not user-friendly enough. Many performance issues are present, making it difficult for players to navigate the game. 

Many have also highlighted the game’s limited endgame content and lack of variety. They call for more exciting challenges and activities beyond the main storyline. Gamers are also unimpressed with the need for constant online connectivity and mandatory group content. After all, they have restricted individual playstyles and diminished player freedom.

The Light Amidst Shadows

Why Diablo IV's Score Dropped Miserably on Metacritic

It would be unfair to ignore the positive feedback surrounding Diablo IV. Surprisingly, some of the compliments contradict the criticisms mentioned earlier. And we will dive into the reasons for this dispute later in this article. First, let’s take a look at why you should play Diablo IV.

Players have praised the game’s engaging campaign and captivating storyline. The immersive narrative keeps them hooked and invested in the game world. Additionally, Diablo IV offers a wealth of content. And let’s not forget that the developers have already had two post-release seasons and two expansions cooking.

Diablo IV stands out visually, boasting stunning graphics and meticulous artistic design. The dark and detailed world has successfully captured the essence of its predecessors. Meanwhile, the game’s exceptional execution of high-quality audio and cinematic cutscenes has garnered endless praise.

Diablo IV presents a vast game world that promotes interactions among players. With the freedom to move around and engage with others, the game creates a dynamic and lively atmosphere for all. As for the gameplay, it has received praise for being tactical and captivating. Players appreciate the strategic combat with challenging bosses and diverse dungeons that constantly keep them on their toes. 

These positive aspects contribute to the overall appeal of Diablo IV. Thus, making it a game worth exploring despite the shortcomings stated above.

And The Truth Is

Other than the crashing issues and a few minor glitches, gamers are actually enjoying Sanctuary a lot more than what’s shown on Metacritic. According to the comments in the post of Redditor mr_fors, players are having a blast with Diablo IV. Some are suggesting that the game is receiving review bombing for server problems. Others believe that the score should be higher. You can check out their opinions in the Reddit post below.


But in the end, regardless of whether the reviews lean towards praise or criticism, what truly matters is your personal experience and how the game resonates with you. So, if you like it, then Diablo IV has already been a success.

Let us know what you think about Diablo IV and said situation in the comments!

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Don’t play it at launch, wait a year until they fixed all the bugs and get it on sale with the expansions


Haha, man, that’s exactly what I planned to do! No need to rush if you’re not competing for the top 1000 challenge 😀


Literally had no problems playing the game. Bunch of fucking cry babies but that’s gamers for ya


lag and rubber banding affecting input response I agree. complaining about not being able to pickup loot and experiment with effective builds though….sorry but you guys sound like you want the best possible build served on a plate. it’s complex, there’s a lot to take in and it’s a masterpiece. play titan quest if the cerebral visceral world of sanctuary frustrates you, with respect.


the game is boring, I find myself playing it for 30mins to an hour, then I’m bored so I got play something else. I don’t want to run dumb ass dungeons the entire game, other things are boring as well.


Probably not woke enough for MetaCritic. I’m enjoying it so that’s all that matters.


metacritic have the game rated high, its the user score thats low, normal people don’t like it, critics liked it, nothing to do with being “woke”

Martin Johnsonsays:

I’ve played all the other games and I think diablo 4 is the amazing game of all time for the diablo series.


I played Diablo 2 (original + LoD), then D3 and D2R, and enjoyed them hugely, but after playing a couple of the late betas of D4, I was unimpressed. I actually got bored during the first day of the last run, and quit it there, deciding that D4 was not going to be for me, certainly at it’s cheapest price of £60, let alone the £80 & £90 variants. The prospect of microtransactions plus seasonal pass costs after paying such a high price, was another nail in it.
If companies like Hello Games can continue to push out more content for No Man’s Sky (which I pre paid & enjoyed) more than 6 years after release, for free, why can’t others, especially Blizzard/Activision? The answer is simply greed, which isn’t so bad if you’re getting great value for money, awful if not.

Starfield is looking to be awesome, and I’m getting the digital deluxe version at £85, because if the game is worth it, then I’m happy to pay the creators their value.


Starfield will be awful, you’ve flushed your money down the toilet pre ordering it.


The button lag is ridiculous, it took me 1 minute for the game to register my button presses. This isn’t just a one-off, it’s a constant delay that varies. However, when it does work, it works well.


the builds are Very limiting, you can’t customize playstyle, and everything is Needlessly complicated hiding the Limiting options with boring inventory management and farming hours to get the right item. it will only get worse reviews as more players reach endgame.


uhh there’s four classes and twelve to 24+ legendaries of key passives, so just get going meowmeow.