Diablo IV: This Barbarian Build Is Broken

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Diablo IV: This Barbarian Build Is Broken

This Barbarian build is so broken that you can simply remain AFK, and the demons will still perish in your presence.

From one of the lowest-ranking classes in the Diablo IV tier list, Barbarian is now rapidly ascending in terms of power. In fact, both the Softcore and Hardcore leaderboards boast Whirlwind Barbarians as their World First champions. Even though cArn lost his character due to an untimely disconnection, the sheer might of his Barbarian remains undeniable. Over time, more and more people are realizing the true potential of this class. As a result, Redditor WillyWanker has devised a formidable build known as Thorns Barb. It enables them to effortlessly annihilate demons without even lifting a finger. 

Thorns builds have gained popularity among Barbarians since the Diablo IV betas. But the Thorns Barb has completely revolutionized the way this class is played. In a jaw-dropping demonstration, WillyWanker showcased the true capabilities of their build. The Thorns Barb remains motionless. They stood their ground against wave after wave of enemies without actively attacking or healing.

This build maximizes damage and enhances area-of-effect chances. The key to its success lies in equipping gear that boosts Thorns’ damage and unlocking defensive abilities. The character will then receive minimal damage while reflecting all the adversaries thrown at them. Thus, transforming them into an unstoppable fortress.

To further bolster their resilience, said Redditor dons the Crowded Sage. It’s a remarkable necklace that steadily restores their health based on the number of enemies nearby. Hence, they don’t have to use any shout of fury to heal up.

It’s unknown how the Thorns Barb will perform in the long run. But one thing is clear: it excels in wave-based events. So, if you don’t feel like waddling through hordes of enemies but still want to get those collectibles, then Thorns Barb is a great choice to consider!

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