Diablo IV Hardcore World 2nd on Echo of Lilith

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Diablo IV Hardcore World 2nd on Echo of Lilith

In a thrilling turn of events, Liquid’s Ben_ has made his mark once again by grabbing the World 2nd on defeating Diablo IV Hardcore Echo of Lilith

Previously, Ben_ accomplished a remarkable feat by defeating Echo of Lilith and claiming the World First title. However, there was controversy surrounding his victory. After all, it was achieved through a bug that allowed him to inflict over 100 million damage. This broken build also set the foundation for Rob 2628 to lay waste to the open world with over 100 billion in damage. Thus, prompting Blizzard to disable the Edgemaster and Berserk Ripping Aspects.

So, this time, Ben_ set out to prove his mettle to the world with a more “ethical” build. He sought to conquer the pinnacle challenge without resorting to exploiting any bugs. Instead, valiantly faced the encounter as it was intended to be, relying on his own skills, abilities, and strategies.


It took approximately 40 attempts for Ben_ to emerge victorious. Thus, slightly surpassing his previous record of 38 shots using the Whirlwind build. Nevertheless, his victory has marked a significant milestone in the Hardcore mode. As it’s the first ethical triumph over this particular boss.

For gaming enthusiasts curious about Ben’s winning strategy, a detailed build review is included at the end of the video below.

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