Diablo IV: Chapelle des Jésuites Is Open for Fans to Admire

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Diablo IV: Chapelle des Jésuites Is Open for Fans to Admire

Do you remember the magnificent Diablo IV fresco, Cambrai, France? Well, the gate to Chapelle des Jésuites is now open for fans to come and admire the splendid painting of their beloved game, as well as the majestic building and its rich history.

Back in March, Blizzard joined hands with baroque artist Adam Miller, MJZ director Henry Hobson, and Charles Dance. Together, they fleshed out a bold and innovative idea for Diablo IV’s promotional campaign. With the 2,400 square feet of the Chapelle des Jésuites’ ceiling as their canvas, Adam Miller and his squad of talented artists depicted the monumental clash between the valiant heroes and the relentless demons of Sanctuary.

Despite its grand scale and exquisite details, the project reached its culmination within a month. More specifically, 30 days. Before, enthusiasts of the series could only catch glimpses of the artwork through Diablo IV’s live-action trailer. But now, everyone is welcome to take a look in person and immerse themselves in the masterpiece firsthand. For those who managed to reach level 25 during the game’s beta testing back in March, look closely. Perhaps you will find yourself staring back at you from the fresco.

The chance to visit the Cathedral of Diablo will only be available until June 11. So, time is definitely of the essence for those who yearn to witness this awe-inspiring sight firsthand. Seize your chance! And while you’re at it, don’t forget that Diablo IV’s slam beta is going to hit the screen this May 12.

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