Diablo IV Anthem: Halsey and BTS Suga’s Collaboration

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Diablo IV Anthem: Halsey and BTS Suga's Collaboration

Global sensations Halsey and BTS Suga have forged an unprecedented musical partnership with Diablo IV. Titled “Lilith,” the soundtrack is dubbed as the game’s anthem.

Halsey is an American singer-songwriter. She has captured the hearts of many with her mesmerizing vocals and soul-stirring stage presence. Some of her impressive works are “Without Me,” “Sorry,” and “Bad at Love.” Over time, Halsey has amassed an impressive fan base. Thus, casting a spell on listeners with her unfiltered artistry and lyrics that resonate deep within the soul.

Diablo IV Anthem: Halsey and BTS Suga's Collaboration

Meanwhile, Suga shines as one of the key members of the widely acclaimed K-pop sensation BTS. He’s known for his rap skills and heartfelt lyrics. Suga’s unique style and thoughtful approach to music have garnered him devoted fans worldwide. As part of BTS, he has contributed to numerous chart-topping tracks. In “Lilith,” Suga goes beyond showcasing his rap skills by revealing his velvety voice, blending seamlessly with Halsey’s. 

Diablo IV Anthem: Halsey and BTS Suga's Collaboration

Adding to its charm, the music video resembles a live-action segment from Diablo IV. Halsey and Suga take center stage, set against the backdrop of the famous Chapelle des Jésuites, other known as the Cathedral of Diablo.

So, without further ado, let’s feast your eyes on this masterpiece:

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