Diablo IV: 100 Billion Damage Edgemaster’s Aspect Disabled

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Diablo IV: 100 Billion Damage Edgemaster's Aspect Disabled

Blizzard has disabled Diablo IV Edgemaster’s Aspect. The decision is in response to its game-breaking performance of producing 100 billion in damage.

The majority of the Diablo community is now aware of Liquid Ben_’s impressive achievement. The streamer was the first to take down Echo of Lilith in Hardcore mode. His character is a Whirlwind Barbarian, much like the two World First champions Rob2628 and cArn.

It all started with Ben_ reaching over 100 million damage. His tactic relied on a stacking Whirlwind damage boost. It can be obtained from Wrath of the Berserker’s Supreme Wrath of the Berserker upgrade. Normally, this damage boost is intended to stop increasing once Whirlwind ends. So, by constantly spinning, the damage from the stacking buff kept ramping up. Eventually, it reached a point where a few spins could quickly melt down Echo of Lilith.

Of course, the key to achieving such an impressive result lies in the ability to continuously increase the damage buff without limits. However, it’s essential to remember that this strategy relies on several other important factors:

Building upon that foundation, Rob2628 has taken things to the next level by dealing 100 billion in damage in the open world. 

He also explained the underlying mechanics behind the build.

The prospect of having Diablo IV broken because of players one-shotting adversaries with this trick was closer than ever. So, Blizzard had to take action. They decided to disable the Edgemaster’s Aspect. After all, it’s now identified as the main culprit that causes the infinite stacking.

In a recent development, the developers have disabled Berserk Ripping as well.

Unfortunately, now that these two have been disabled, players won’t be able to use this method to achieve such jaw-dropping damage anymore. However, the gaming community is known for its talent in discovering bugs and loopholes. So, let’s stay curious and see what kind of impressive feats dedicated Diablo players can achieve in the future. 

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