Diablo Immortal Introduces New Blood Knight Class

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Diablo Immortal Introduces New Blood Knight Class

For the first time ever since 2012, the Diablo franchise once again bears witness to the appearance of a brand-new class. Introducing: the Blood Knight. Said vampiric new arrival promises to spice up the world of Diablo Immortal for the time to come.

Isn’t that trailer just oozing with intrigue? At the moment, the Internet is getting some serious Devil May Cry Dante vibes from the Blood Knight. His iconic silver hair. His red leather cloak. His stylish moves in battle. And, of course, his Devil Trigger. 

Meanwhile, they also can’t ignore the palpable Castlevania atmosphere, either. So, in a hilarious twist, the gaming community has collectively decided to jokingly dub Diablo Immortal’s latest class as “Castlevania May Cry.” 

So, What Exactly Is the Blood Knight?

The Blood Knight class is a supernatural force of warriors who vampires have bitten. Yet, they managed to resist the curse through a special ancient ritual. And so, instead of succumbing to their vampiric desires, they harness their new-found powers to vanquish foes in their path. 

They possess extraordinary traits. For example, agelessness, superhuman strength, heightened agility, and an uncanny ability to detect the scent of blood from afar.


An intriguing aspect of the Blood Knight class is their power to transform into, of course, vampires. To maintain this form and utilize the abilities that come with it, they must constantly defeat enemies. 

When not in their beast form, these warriors display exceptional skill in wielding halberds. They are also the master of blood and shadow magic.

You Can Try the Blood Knight without Any Cooldown

Blizzard has decided to give players complete freedom in trying out the Blood Knight. Usually, if a Wanderer wants to change between classes while keeping all their levels and stats, they will have to face cooldowns. However, in the case of said newcomer, players are free from this penalty. They will be able to freely explore and experiment with the fresh arrival to their heart’s content.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace the darkness and unleash your inner vampiric warrior when the class arrives on July 13!

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