Diablo 4 Glitch: Eternal Character in Seasonal Realm

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Diablo 4 Realms Transition

New Diablo 4 players have only recently encountered the Eternal and Seasonal Realm system, where they need entirely different characters. In the former, your created warrior stays forever, and you can explore all the original content of this ARPG. But there is a condition: the season content will bypass you. In the latter, everything is available to you. Still, the character will only be relevant during the season, and afterward, the game automatically moves them to the Eternal Realm.

A significant portion of the fanbase is annoyed by this mechanic since players spend their time leveling up and then cannot use their creations to acquire seasonal items. That was one very reason to start looking for ways to transfer Eternal Character to the Seasonal Realm.

After patch 1.1.1, which corrected classes and revealed a plan to improve mounts, a glitch emerged. It allows you to drag your leveled-up character into any dimension. Glitch Unlimited discovered this exploit, and its activation is straightforward because all you need is a friend or acquaintance playing in needed Realm. You have to connect to them and disconnect the internet right after. Entering the game again, Diablo automatically connects you to them. Unfortunately, not everything can be transferred to the Eternal Realm. Still, you’ll be able to collect various items and aspects and then re-enter Diablo 4 to return to your native world.

You don’t even have to spend time in another dimension; just share everything you need with a new hero. You could say it’ll even simplify your life in creating builds. Yet we recommend hurrying because Blizzard will most likely try to fix this bug as soon as possible. It’s unclear what will happen to the items after the fix, but farm everything you can now.

If you do not want to farm and spend your time leveling, we recommend trying out Diablo 4 Services. So you can get everything you want on any of your characters and easily immerse yourself in the Season of the Malignant. And don’t worry, you won’t face any bans.

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