Diablo 4 Mounts are Finally Getting Deserved Upgrade

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Diablo 4 Horse Improvments

A few days ago, a significant Diablo 4 update was released, fulfilling the developers’ promises and fixing many issues. One such case was that two classes were absolutely powerless and unplayable, and now that’s resolved. However, there’s still one unresolved problem that will be managed soon — Horses in Diablo 4.

These mounts weren’t particularly useful for a long time, as they were hard to ride, and it was easier to move on foot. During a stream, Joe Shely, the Diablo 4 project director, and other developers confirmed they are working on fixes for the four-legged friends. With the next patch, they won’t crash into everything, whether it’s present or not. Furthermore, Blizzard will allow them to charge through barricades, ensuring your adventure remains uninterrupted.

In addition, MysticalOS on Twitter asked to change the cooldown of summoning the horses, as after climbing stairs or other climbs, players have to wait about 10 seconds to call them out again. Joe Shely responded succinctly: “You Got It.” This change likely won’t appear immediately, but the game’s creators will bear it in mind for the future.


Newcomers often face confusion about how to obtain a means of transportation in the game, and later they get disappointed by their limited utility. Fortunately, Blizzard has finally begun to heed fan feedback, and even content creators like Asmongold are surprised by the studio’s commitment to addressing the situation. Once the fix is released, we will certainly report it here, and in the meantime, you can prepare with our Diablo 4 Mounts guide.

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