Diablo 4 Game Guide button will be available in Season 5?

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Diablo 4 Game Guide button will be available in Season 5? The PTR is in full swing right now, and some observant players have started speculating whether Blizzard will introduce this intriguing feature in the upcoming season after noticing some in-game interface changes.

Diablo 4 Game Guide Button

In Season 5 PTR Build, Blizzard introduced a new menu button called Game Guide, which was absent in the original Diablo 4. This user-friendly feature is easily accessible via the ESC button and in-game menu. Once opened, you will find a wealth of valuable information about the basics and other mechanics.

Diablo 4 Game Guide Button

Each section briefly explains how different aspects of Diablo 4 work, making it a handy in-game resource. For instance, it includes details about classes, abilities, events, crafters, and even non-obvious facts about Town Portal and summoning your mount. Skilled players might currently chuckle and think, “Is that all you are trying to surprise me with, huh?” since they may already be familiar with it.

Diablo 4 Game Guide Button

But anyway, this information is especially beneficial for newbies, as they can find it directly in the game instead of wasting time searching the interweb for the facts. More advanced topics like builds and boss tactics are best learned outside the game, but for the basics, it’s a lifesaver. Either way, Diablo 4 veterans will also benefit from this Game Guide section, as it contains information about new features added by Blizzard each Season, keeping them informed and up-to-date.

Do you think this new Game Guide section is a game-changer? What features would you like Blizzard to include in future updates?

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