DC-ed, Diablo IV Hardcore Player Loses Level 100 Character

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DC-ed, Diablo IV Hardcore Player Loses Level 100 Character

cArn, the champion of the Diablo IV Hardcore leaderboard, has fallen at the hands of disconnection. Thus, losing their level 100 character.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, cArn’s journey was abruptly cut short. A sudden disconnection has claimed his character’s life. The incident happened just as he was about to confront an ultimate boss fight. After 82 hours of gameplay, the popular Twitch streamer was ready to conquer any challenge that awaited. Little did he know that an unexpected and unwelcome adversary would emerge: disconnection, the one true final boss.

In a cruel twist of fate, the disconnection coldly severed his link to the game. Thus, leaving his Whirlwind Barbarian defenseless against impending doom. The streaming chat erupted with disbelief and empathy as cArn’s character inevitably met their demise.

The loss of cArn’s level 100 character was a devastating blow. But the real pain lies in the loss of acquired gear. In Diablo 4’s hardcore mode, when a character dies, they will be lost forever. So cArn has no choice but to say goodbye to the hard-earned loot and equipment that required countless hours to earn.

Of course, the gamer tries to recover from this untimely setback. However, Blizzard’s policy offers little comfort. Players have no means to reclaim characters lost due to connectivity or server issues. 

Undeterred by his tragic loss, cArn has re-emerged in the Diablo 4 world, this time venturing forth with a new Rogue build. His journey continues. 

Losing a World First character that topped the Hardcore leaderboard is undoubtedly bitter. But he will still have the chance to carve his name on Lilith’s statue. Other than that, since his Barbarian has now entered the Hall of Fallen Heroes, he will also have a chance to hear a special eulogy from Megan Fox. So, as the saying goes, every dark cloud really does have a silver lining!

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