Blizzard Unveils Diablo IV Hardcore Victories Sweepstakes Statue 

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Blizzard Unveils Diablo IV Hardcore Victories Sweepstakes Statue

Finally, Blizzard has unveiled the statue of Sanctuary’s Blessed Mother. This remarkable sculpture holds a special honor. The first 1000 heroes who conquer level 100 in Diablo IV’s hardcore mode will forever have their names etched upon her back.

Diablo IV’s launch was joyously celebrated in the US firm’s Anaheim campus. Amid the festivities and mouth-watering cakes, the company dropped an exhilarating announcement. It’s time to verify the names of the lucky 1000 individuals who partook in the perilous race

With skills and determination, said players have made it through the arduous journey. They had no room for errors. After all, a single misstep would result in the permanent demise of their characters. However, that is all in the past. It’s now time for them to rejoice and applaud their glorious achievement.

The official Diablo Twitter account was more than excited to join the thrill. They unveiled the stunning sculpture that will pay tribute to these dedicated gamers.

The verified list of names will soon be made public. Thus, welcoming the gaming community to join in and congratulate the victorious participants.

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