Blizzard: No More Disconnection Death in Diablo IV Hardcore

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Blizzard: No More Disconnection Death in Diablo IV Hardcore

Blizzard has found a solution for all those untimely deaths by disconnection in Diablo IV Hardcore mode. 

Death by Disconnection

Dying in video games is normal. It’s not a big deal because you can usually just press a button and resume your heroic journey. But in Hardcore, dying has dire consequences. When your character lies down their life, it’s permanent. Everything you have managed to collect up until that point will vanish into thin air. And there’s no way to get them back. Due to its unforgiving nature, the Hardcore mode poses serious challenges for only the toughest of players to take part in.

When it comes to Diablo IV, an aching problem has been present ever since the Hardcore race started. There have been times when players unexpectedly get disconnected from the game. Thus, leading to some unfair and devastating losses. Surely, you haven’t forgotten cArn’s case? Well, he’s not the only victim who fell because of said reason. Many others have suffered the same fate, and they weren’t as fortunate as cArn. Some of them were so close to reaching level 100, but then, out of nowhere, they lost their character over an untimely disconnection.

Blizzard’s Solution

How to bring back Hardcore characters that died because of bugs or disconnections?

Players’ complaints have been making circles all over the Internet. And Blizzard has taken the matter into account. In the recent Campfire chat, Game Director Joe Shely addressed the problem. He also shared the company’s plans to tackle said issue head-on.

One of the key changes coming to Diablo IV is the transformation of Scrolls of Escape. The Hardcore-exclusive item’s primary purpose is to allow players to escape dangerous situations. However, in the future, it will auto-trigger when a disconnection is detected. This improvement aims to safeguard players’ progress by transporting them back to the town’s safety if they lose connection. Thus, reducing the likelihood of losing countless hours of gameplay due to an unfair factor.

It’s important to note that detecting when a player is disconnected is not a simple process. There will be cases when the system can’t realize the issue in time. And so the solution is not 100% foolproof. Nevertheless, at least players can rest assured that these frustrating situations won’t be as severe as before.

Addressing Bugs and Teleportation Issues

Shely also addressed existing teleportation bugs and potential bugs causing Hardcore deaths. The developers are working hard to figure out what’s causing these issues and find ways to fix them. They might be able to solve the teleportation bugs faster. However, dealing with disconnections is a lot more complicated. So, it’ll take more time to make things right. 

Restoration of Hardcore Characters

The Diablo team has answered many of the community’s burning matters. But a scorching question remains: “Can Blizzard bring back Hardcore characters that died because of bugs or disconnections?” But as of now, all that players can do is wait for Blizzard to respond. 

The introduction of automatic triggers for Scrolls of Escape and the ongoing work to fix bugs and disconnections are important measures to prevent unfair deaths. Finally, Diablo IV enthusiasts can now breathe a sigh of relief, even though they still have to wait for a while until these changes are implemented.

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