Blizzard Fixed Diablo IV Druid Loot Bug 

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Blizzard Fixed Diablo IV Druid Loot Bug

The moment has come for Diablo IV Druids to rejoice! In the latest hotfix, Blizzard has successfully addressed one of the most notorious loot bugs as of late. 

In case you missed it, the mentioned issue caused a mix-up where Druids unintentionally received Barbarians’ Uniques. The situation confused and frustrated many players. And it was particularly frustrating because the nature weavers couldn’t get items tailored for their class. And to add, the powerful Legendary Aspects attached to these items also became useless. 

With the latest hotfix, Druid players can now rest easy. The annoying problem is finally dealt with. Those who have already equipped these weapons can choose to keep them. However, it’s worth noting that un-equipping the mentioned items will render them unusable.

Blizzard Fixed Diablo IV Druid Loot Bug 

Beyond addressing the loot bug, the hotfix update also brings several enhancements to Diablo 4. Players can expect better stability and improved performance. Stuttering issues when navigating the game’s various regions have been addressed. For more in-detailed information about the hotfix, check out Blizzard’s official post below.

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