Diablo 4: Blacksmith Can Salvage Nightmare Sigils

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salvage nightmare sigils

Salvaging your items at the Blacksmith is a crucial factor in the early stages of Diablo 4. By doing this with Legendary items, you can acquire a heap of valuable materials like forgotten souls or those needed to ingrain legend aspects on rare gear. Even though that’s important for the first 50 levels, it’s better to sell everything to the armorsmith later on.


However, Reddit user Mysterious Length308 discovered that with the 1st season, there’s an opportunity to salvage Nightmare Dungeon Sigils with the Smith’s help, eliminating the requirement to find an Occultist. What’s more, you’ll receive as much Sigil Powder as you would from the Occultist, simplifying the process of creating Nightmare Sigils of any tier. A bit of context: these keys are necessary to transform ordinary dungeons into their Nightmare versions and add affixes to them.

This fact pleased many new and old players, and they remain eager to learn what else the 1st season holds in secret.

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