Victory for Bungie: Destiny 2 Cheat Seller Has to Pay $12M

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Victory for Bungie: Destiny 2 Cheat Seller Has to Pay $12M

A resounding victory for Destiny 2’s developer Bungie has arrived. The company has emerged triumphant in a lawsuit against a cheat seller. The creator of VeteranCheats now has to cough up $12 million to compensate for selling one of the most popular illegal third-party software.

Mihai Claudiu-Florentin is the name of the Romanian seller. The court found the offender guilty of multiple violations. From copyright infringement to DMCA violations and contract breach. And that’s not even everything. Intentional interference with contractual relations and violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act also made the list. The verdict includes a hefty price tag consisting of statutory damages, actual damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs. Plus, a permanent injunction against the offender. Bungie also subpoenaed Stripe and discovered over 5,800 transactions related to Destiny 2 cheats.

Despite the legal troubles, VeteranCheats’ website remains online. It has removed Destiny 2 from the list. But it’s still selling cheats for other major titles. Some of the names are Valorant, GTA V, PUBG, and CoD.

Bungie has invested at least $2 million in an attempt to thwart cheat circumvention efforts, including those by VeteranCheats and other cheating software. The company has also taken legal action against other notable sellers to deter similar unethical behavior.

As Bungie emerges victorious, their fans can’t resist the urge to both shower them with congratulations and meme their way through the occasion.

Online cheating has been a long-standing issue that has marred the gaming industry. And Bungie’s triumph in this lawsuit marks a milestone in the fight against it. By standing up against unethical practices that not only undermine the gaming experience but also pose a risk to the industry’s integrity, Bungie has sent a clear message to cheat sellers: their actions have consequences.

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