Destiny 2 Vault Will Soon Become Avaliable from Orbit

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Destiny 2 Vault from Orbit

This week’s TWID brought us small yet exciting news. Mostly, it covered the upcoming QoL changes, including the player’s Vault.

With the Season 23 release, players will finally be able to access the Vault directly from orbit, avoiding unnecessary flights. Bungie has assured players that there will be even more locations in the future where they can access the Vault. However, it is not yet entirely clear what exactly the developers have in mind.

If you don’t frequently visit Destiny 2, you might not have experienced the constant need to fly to H.E.L.M. or the Tower or another place to store or retrieve items at the Vault. The loading screens are the most annoying part, which sometimes takes too much time. Bungie tried to solve this problem with a mobile app, but some people think it’s inconvenient due to constant updates and equally long loading times. Some Guardians use DIM to transfer items between their character and the Vault, but for many, it all comes back to the function not being entirely convenient.

Fortunately, the inventory transfer issue will soon be solved. We only need to wait for portable vendors to receive bounties right away, although that’s unlikely to happen.

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