Breaking News: The Final Shape Delay Is Officially Announced

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The Final Shape Delay Is Officially Announced

Players have been waiting for a long time for the official announcement of the delay of The Final Shape, and Bungie was reluctant to reveal it for a long time. Today, the radio silence has ended, and now we know that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will come out on June 4, 2024.

The major expansion’s delay occurred because the developers wanted to make The Final Shape the best expansion in the history of Destiny 2, rivaling Forsaken and The Taken King DLCs. The developers also revealed that a new content update titled Into the Light will be released from April to June. There are no details about it yet, so we eagerly await more information!

Besides this significant news, Joe Blackburn released a video on the official Destiny 2 channel, where he discussed the plans for developing Destiny 2 until June.

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