Destiny 2 State of the Game Awakened the Rage of the Entire Community

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Destiny 2 State of the Game Awakened the Rage of the Entire Community

We can confidently state — the last 20 hours for Bungie have been the most challenging in the game’s history. For the first time in many years, the community is entirely against the studio: fans, regular players, content creators, and even news accounts. But what exactly happened?

The fact is that this is the consequence of two things: the problematic condition of Destiny 2 with the latest State of the Game article. Everyone has discussed the first point because this problem has haunted the title for six months. The second point concerns SotG, in which Joe Blackburn talks about significant changes in the game. Usually, game fans would celebrate this news as a sign of a brighter future, but this time it causes a crisis.

The Lack of Destiny 2 Content and Helplessness Bungie

The first and foremost concern the entire audience latched onto is how Bungie presents the issues. Instead of saying that they are working and promise to be better — they say they can’t, and you have to deal with it.

Do you want improvements for Gambit? Sorry, we can’t; there will be only one old map and two old-new enemy types next year. Do you want new maps in Crucible? We can only make one new. Do you want new ritual armor? We lack resources, so wait for it next year without armor for the expansions. Every issue has an unnecessary downside that only makes the situation worse. Bungie justifies themselves to the community as to investors, which sounds ambiguous and true at the same time.

Bungie Ignores Major Destiny 2 Problems

The second and no less important problem is the complete lack of addressing the real game issues and being disconnected from the community.

For example, developers say they can’t make ritual armor, forgetting that monetization content has been off the charts in the past few seasons. Users have already calculated that the armor in Eververse is half of all armor they do in a year. In a season, we can see three paid armor sets, and it’s very discouraging.

Moreover, developers don’t even mention the monetization problem and are in no hurry to calm the audience. They’re also not in a hurry to address the issue of immersing newcomers into this MMO shooter. Bungie tries to reassure the community that Lightfall has supposedly become more newbie-friendly, although that’s far from the case. The only thing they really addressed is server improvements, which will take six months to fix.

Endless Promises

And the third point is the generally uncertain game future. Bungie says the fan base will see everything important in the Showcase. “Wait for the Showcase; you will find out everything there; everything will be there for sure; we promise,” — studio says, as they said a year ago with Lightfall. The audience just listens to promises because Bungie states everything will get better. But they say this for six straight months while the situation around the shooter only worsens.

People are morally low, and this article only confirmed their worst nightmares. Faith alone is insufficient. Bungie should have given a solid reason to wait for the Destiny 2 Showcase, and they didn’t.

Destinythegame Reddit Bans

General dissatisfaction on Reddit in r/destinythegame is suppressed with instant bans. As it’s known, many moderators there are closely acquainted with Bungie employees, so it’s not surprising that they ban those who dissent instead of listening. Meanwhile, in the parallel subreddit r/destiny2, people freely discuss and share their opinions about the situation.

Destiny 2 Community Reaction on State of the Game

This situation has made the game’s community completely disillusioned with Bungie. Players see the game as a cash grab right now, where the fan base isn’t heard, and developers only ask to wait and purchase cosmetics. Some remember the days when Bungie could create a full Exotic Mission for the price of two ornament purchases and how they used to care about their creation.

Obviously, you can find many memes on this topic on Reddit, which we’ve already shown above. However, this is somewhat comforting because fans can vent their anger and show Bungie their collective grievances through humorous memes:

Content Creators are also not thrilled. Aztecross released a video where he thoroughly read the article, highlighting its weaknesses. He has been a part of the game’s community for a long time and reads every article Bungie has published since the first installment. Paul Tassi also emphasizes this, reminding us that Bungie doesn’t listen to the community, and the community is never fully satisfied or understanding their side. Significant news sources like Destiny Bulletin and DestinyTracker also spoke negatively about the text and supported the community’s side. Finally, Liz, a well-known leaker in the game’s community, had been dormant for a while but announced a new leak soon after reading the article. Below, you can even see a compilation of reactions from various content creators and players:

We can only hope that today truly marks a turning point in the Destiny 2’s history. When the entire fan base stands against beloved developers, it usually signifies significant changes or the title’s death. Are we witnessing a phoenix rising from the ashes, like with Dead By Daylight and FFXIV, or will we see a slow decline, like Overwatch? Only time will show. If you want to familiarize yourself with the article, we have a brief recap in a separate post.

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