Sloane and Other MIA Characters Are Returning to Destiny 2

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According to a list of Destiny 2’s voice actors on IMDB, there is a high possibility that Sloane will return to the game.

According to Season of the Deep’s leaks, there is a chance that players will return to the Saturn’s moon, and the clues seem to be mounting. In a recent update to the voice actor listing on IMDB, Cissy Jones, the voice of Sloane, is present.

Sloane was a fearless Titan who served as a Vanguard scout and Commander Zavala’s deputy during the Red War. She was a vital figure in securing the moon Titan as a Vanguard outpost and as the source of many quests, bounties, and gear exchanges. Her bravery and leadership inspired Guardians to complete various tasks, both big and small. However, Sloane vanished together with the Titan moon. There wasn’t any more information about her after that. Until now. It seems Bungie is soon to bring her back.

Speculation has been brewing that Sloane is not the only character set to make a comeback. The IMDB listing also indicates that Asher Mir and Brother Vance may also be reintroduced to the storyline after their disappearance concurrently with Sloane. Beyond them, Destiny 2 players can also look forward to seeing Fynch, our Ghost ally from The Witch Queen. And The Spider, the self-serving criminal ringleader who held Crow captive upon his resurrection as a Guardian.

The IMDB database also provided some intriguing information that caught the attention of players worldwide. It revealed that the esteemed voice actor Kimberly Brooks was cast to portray Xivu Arath, the formidable Hive God of War. While this detail has since been removed, fans remain thrilled at the prospect of Brooks bringing her skills to the game.

It’s worth noting that IMDB is not always a reliable source. However, the site has been accurate in the past regarding Destiny 2 castings. As confirmed by both DestinyTracker and seasoned Redditors.

While the community eagerly anticipates the arrival of familiar faces, there’s still plenty of content to enjoy in the current season of Destiny 2. For example, getting all the highly-sought after weapons like Final Warning, Vexcalibur, Winterbite, and Deterministic Chaos.

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