Destiny 2 Shader Previews: New Appearance in TFS

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Destiny 2 Shader Previews Will Have a New Appearance in The Final Shape

Shaders have always been one of the main topics of discussion in the Destiny 2 community. There are many of them in the game, and each gives your Guardian a completely new appearance and potentially adds additional visual effects. However, shader previews have always been controversial, as they usually show four colors, while in reality, there can be six. Guardians often encounter shader colorings that do not match the palette; occasionally, some even have a unique animated effect. Fans usually like to joke about this, but with The Final Shape‘s release, shaders are going to receive the long-needed update.

All The Players, a well-known Destiny 2 content creator, posted a snippet from the stream, where Joe Blackburn and other streamers discuss and run trivia about our favorite shaders. Notably, the D2 game director says the following:

We have redone how the icons look in The Final Shape. And there is like a whole other section of every shader icon to better describe the area it shaded.

— Joe Blackburn

Joe also added that players will be able to see all six colors at once. The colors will be organized a little differently on the new icons, which makes sense. However, fashion enthusiasts will still have to understand how the shaders will look on the armor since each set uses an entirely different palette.

We’ll probably only be able to view the revised shader previews in one of the upcoming TWiDs in Season 23. We just need to be patient and continue our shader collection. By the way, we suggest grabbing this week’s free cosmetic, which is the McDonalds-like shader. It was part of the Event Card during last year’s Festival of the Lost and it looks really good.

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