Breaking News: Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Is Revealed

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Bungie Announced Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

A couple of hours ago, the new Season of the Witch week started, where players discovered a secret ending with a mind-blowing twist. Almost immediately after the mystery was uncovered, Bungie announced the name of Season 23 — Season of the Wish. Along with this announcement, the studio unleashed the key art of the upcoming season.

season of the Wish
(Source: Bungie)

That’s all the players have at their disposal for now. The teaser shows the appearance of the last Ahamkara and upcoming armor for Guardians in the style of the Dreaming City. It is worth noting that the release is scheduled for November 28 and Season of the Wish is expected to continue until June of next year. Stay tuned for more information this Thursday when the latest TWID comes out!

The community greeted the announcement with enthusiasm, but many users immediately started to remind others of last week’s events. Fans are asking everyone to temper their excitement and remember how Bungie has treated its employees.

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Owl Guy
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Sid Nightwalkersays:

Yes, anyone who understands that layoffs do in fact happen regardless of any company you’re talking about and you really get over it and isn’t a fool, will be excited for this extended season.


“The community greeted the announcement with enthusiasm.” You must be reading different reactions.


I am exicited for a new season!

I’ve been waiting for details about the 15 wish to be revealed since Forsaken! It seems that the new season will be all about mysteries. And I love mysteries in Destiny 2 😃

At the same time, I don’t want to forget what Bungie did to its employees….

Sid Nightwalkersays:

I love how people think a job is some sort of bond where it’s impossible to get fired or laid off for any reason the company wishes for some reason. It doesn’t work that way.

Sid Nightwalkersays:

Who cares what endless whiners who play the game too much and suffer from burnout think.