Destiny 2 Season of Defiance Iron Banner Is Live

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The long-awaited Destiny 2 Season of Defiance’s Iron Banner (IB) has finally arrived. Much to fans’ excitement after a pesky delay caused by an unexpected glitch rendered players invisible. This marks the first time said event has appeared in the latest expansion. Running from March 21 to 28, it’s time for the Guardians to engage in exhilarating PvP battles with the promise of lucrative rewards and reputation boosts.


As the Season of Defiance comes into full swing, you are greeted with the arrival of the first game mode in the series, known as Iron Banner Control. With its unique twists on the standard Control mode, you can expect a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. During the event, you must capture and hold zones. Once your team successfully owns all three zones, they’ll lock down temporarily. Thus, it’s time to earn bonus points for taking out enemy targets.

The second event, Eruption, is slated to launch in two weeks.

And finally, Week 9 will bring the eagerly-awaited Fortress event.


Exciting news awaits all those who have been waiting for the return of the Bite of the Fox sniper rifle and Jorum’s Claw pulse rifle! These two powerful weapons have made a comeback and are now part of the loot pool.

For those seeking to focus IB engrams into specific rewards, speak to Lord Saladin. You will find him at the Tower. He now also offers older weapons and armor sets at a reasonable cost.

If you’re interested in enriching your character with Bright Dust and XP, rise to the seasonal challenge: Iron Sharpens Iron. Prove your mettle by reaching the required number of IB matches to unlock a Pinnacle reward that will count towards the weekly Pinnacle challenge, which includes playing three Crucible matches.


To maximize your earnings, equip up to five pieces of Iron Banner gear during matches. From head to toe, don yourself with emblems, weapons, and armor. This will significantly boost your reputation multiplier and set you on the path to even greater rewards. For an extra edge, don’t forget to apply stunning ornaments from IB armor that unlock further bonuses. Meeting weekly challenges will also further increase the multiplier.

Gear up, Guardians! And prepare for an action-packed showdown as you compete to assert your dominance. To keep track of the event’s schedule as well as what weapons are available in the prize pool, check out WowVendor handy tracker right here. If you want to learn more about your favorite game, don’t forget to pay our Guides and News section a visit, as you will definitely find what you want to know there.

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