Rumors: Is Bungie Making a Destiny 2 Adaptation?

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Destiny Adaptation: Bungie Takes Franchise to Movie and TV

Exciting news is on the horizon for fans of the popular FPS franchise. Bungie is seemingly making strides toward expanding Destiny’s universe. Their next stop? The world of movies and TV adaptations.

Game adaptations have been gaining increasing recognition in recent times. We’ve witnessed the success of LoL: Arcane, Castlevania, The Last of Us, and Super Mario Bros. Other than breaking records left and right, they also capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. With that said, many titles are also looking to bring their stories to the silver screen. Just last week, we at WowVendor reported an incoming Among Us animated series. And now, it’s Destiny’s turn to make its mark.

Destiny is approaching its important 10th-anniversary milestone in September 2024. And so, Bungie seems ready to embark on a new journey that goes beyond the realm of gaming. After all, the studio has successfully explored mediums like comic books and printed lore tabs.

Other than that, Bungie recently recruited Gabriel VanHuss, a former Warner Bros. Discovery executive. According to the new Destiny Head of Linear Media, he’s in charge of the operations for Destiny’s expansion into other media types:

Rumors: Is Bungie Making a Destiny 2 Adaptation?
(Source: GameRant)

Destiny’s vast and immersive universe offers an ideal backdrop for cinematic storytelling. With its limitless potential, the franchise can explore different genres and appeal to both existing fans and new viewers. From thrilling action to deep and meaningful stories, Destiny has it all.

With that said, the community is buzzing with excitement. Gamers are pumping up with ideas as they imagine which parts of the Destiny 2 universe would make the best adaptation. So, what about you? What do you think? Which story from the game would you like to watch on the big screen, holding popcorn in one hand and a drink in the other, as your favorite world comes to life before your eyes? Share us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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