Relive Destiny 2 Past Seasons with YouTube Cutscene Archive

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Destiny 2 has now made its cutscene archive available on YouTube. This will allow players who have missed out on previous seasonal storylines to catch up on key moments in the game’s history.

Relive Destiny 2 Past Seasons with YouTube Cutscene Archive

The title’s notoriously ambiguous storyline has been a thorn in many Guardians’ side for quite a while now. All because of removing locations and even lore-related content from past expansions. Thus, it has become more than challenging for newcomers to fully fathom the depth of the story. The video library provides players with a comprehensive understanding of how events are connected. Why they happened, and what their aftermaths were. This presents an opportunity for both new and returning Guardians to catch up on the content they might have missed and fully experience the title’s narrative.

In the latest TWAB, Bungie revealed that they have decided to upload the cutscenes to their official YouTube channel. Currently, the archive features events from Seasons 15 through 19. But the team hopes to release one or two cutscenes every few months. Thus, expanding and better preserving all that they have created up until now.

Bungie has made a request to the players to refrain from uploading complete cutscenes. After all, they are in the process of creating an official database. However, the developers are still supportive of fans using these cinematic clips in their creative projects. Fans can still use them in various forms of content, including entries for the Movie of the Week series, lore recaps, reaction videos, and more.

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