Players Are Discontent with Bungie's Reliance on Twitter

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Players' Discontentment with Bungie's Reliance on Twitter

Destiny 2 players are urging Bungie to reconsider its choice of platform for game announcements. The concern stems from the heavy dependence on X (Twitter) for crucial updates and notifications. 

Destiny 2 is a decade-long live-service game. Similar to other titles within this genre, it has faced ongoing technical hurdles throughout its existence. Server outages and disruptive bugs are not strangers to the FPS title. 

Usually, Bungie chooses to address these issues through announcements on X (Twitter). This allows a segment of the community to convene and discuss these challenges promptly. However, the majority of the player base raises questions about this method’s efficacy. Their main concern lies in whether this platform is the most suitable to present crucial information.

Players argue that Bungie’s website could offer a more organized and user-friendly approach. Moreover, Elon Musk’s rebranding of the blue bird into X comes with tons of monetization strategies. It places restrictions on users’ interactions on the platform unless they opt to pay for unlocking basic features. For instance, editing posts or composing tweets exceeding 280 characters in length. The billionaire also hinted that X might soon become a paid service. He planned to introduce a lower tier of X Premium to deal with bot accounts because, apparently, bots can’t pay money.

Twitter/X is growing increasingly restrictive. Many people don’t want to download or use the app anymore. And so, gamers suggest Bungie establish a dedicated ‘News’ section within the game or on the title screen as a viable alternative. This would streamline access to crucial updates without requiring visits to external platforms. 

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