Players Are Not Happy with Destiny 2 New Starter Pack

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The Destiny 2 New Starter Pack has just made its debut. Yet, player dissatisfaction has swiftly spread across the internet.

Players Are Not Happy with Destiny 2 New Starter Pack

Key Takeaways

  • Bungie recently launched Destiny 2 New Starter Pack.
  • Players are dissatisfied with the $14.99 price tag. They see it as a barrier for new players to start playing Destiny 2.
  • The community expresses concerns about Bungie’s understanding of players’ expectations.

Bungie recently launched a new Starter Pack for their famous FPS title. Designed as a tool to aid new and returning players in navigating the intricacies of the Bungie looter shooter, the Starter Pack includes:

It provides a comprehensive entry point. However, the $14.99 price tag has ignited widespread criticism. The streamer Datto has deemed it “tone-deaf” and questions the decision-making behind it. Datto emphasizes that the real issue lies in the high cost, hindering the game’s potential to attract new players. He suggests that the Starter Pack could be a positive addition if offered for free or bundled with expansions. This way, it would create a more enticing proposition for both new and returning gamers.

The community echoes these sentiments. Both on YouTube and platforms like Reddit, players rally behind the streamer. Other than being pleasantly surprised by an angry Datto, they thank him for vocalizing shared concerns about the cost of entry and expansions. At the same time, they criticize Bungie’s decision:

Players Are Not Happy with Destiny 2 New Starter Pack

Some players even go as far as calling this pack “a scam” due to the disparity between the pack’s price and the value of its contents. Community consensus suggests that the Exotics included in the pack are mediocre. It was like Bungie misled new players into believing they were securing a favorable deal. Yet, in reality, they end up with overpriced weaponry that can be surpassed by other Legendary weapons available in the game.

As for Bungie, this controversy raises questions about the company’s understanding of player expectations.

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