Monster Hunter 3 Has More Twitch Viewers than Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Monster Hunter 3

The popularity of Destiny 2 is declining day by day, and Bungie doesn’t know how to attract more players. The Dawning event has started in the game. Still, it hasn’t significantly attracted players, and even the giveaway of Destiny 2: Legacy Collection in the Epic Games Store hasn’t helped the situation much. Obviously, the situation on Twitch is going to be the same.

A user under the nickname BlitzGecko noticed that today, a Twitch streamer playing Monster Hunter Tri G managed to surpass all Destiny 2 streamers in terms of online viewers. It’s unclear who exactly that streamer was, as they soon ended their stream.

Destiny 2 Reddit

After a Reddit post, the viewer count for Destiny went up from 4,157 to 5,800. Still, this game is inferior to such categories as Albion Online, Poker, Party Animals, Dark Souls 3, and Custom Mech Wars. Moreover, the recent indie release Blood West, which has over 6,100 viewers, also outperformed D2 by viewer count, mainly thanks to the streamer Elajjaz.

Destiny 2 Twitch viewership

Some Reddit users note that Destiny 2 has never been too popular on Twitch, with the only exceptions being raid races or new dungeons. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it any less amusing when a single streamer overtakes an entire segment with more niche projects than a franchise like D2.

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