Bungie Will Increase Masterwork Material Caps

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Masterwork Materials Caps Changes

Destiny 2 enthusiasts can now celebrate as the next season is set to launch the following month, bringing with it weekly updates regarding game changes. And, of course, details of the 22nd season will be unveiled to us.

The first significant adjustment will involve the resource economy. From August 23rd, Guardians will be able to store up to 30 Ascendant Shards and Alloy in their inventory (previously 10 pieces), as well as over 100 Enhancement Prisms (previously only 50).

One of the main reasons for the latest Masterwork Material Caps in Destiny 2 is to ensure that they don’t stash with the Postmaster. Regrettably, they’ll disappear like Glimmer and no longer go to the post upon reaching the cap. If you have these resources with the vendor right now, don’t worry, they can be collected even after the season comes out.

Obviously, this isn’t the only reason for the change. Bungie plans even more significant economic adjustments in Destiny 2, which they may unveil soon. Bungie could reveal these plans in the coming weeks or only in the 23rd season.

In terms of other changes, here’s a brief overview:

Season 22 Weapons

That’s all the info that developers shared in their post. An upcoming TWID is going to be released tomorrow, and we’ll share all its essential information.

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