Destiny 2: Lightfall Performs Well on PC, Defying Criticism

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According to recent data, Destiny 2 Lightfall has surpassed expectations on the PC platform. It’s defying the initial criticism for its lackluster main narrative and storytelling. The game has thrived in terms of real-world performance and player retention.

The latest Steam Charts’ data have revealed quite a shocking fact. Apparently, Lightfall has outperformed its predecessor, the Witch Queen. Especially the figures in March represent a surge in average player numbers. Its 30-day peaks surpass those recorded after the Witch Queen’s release. Thus, fans seem to find Lightfall more replayable than Witch Queen. All thanks to its engaging gameplay mechanics, the Strand subclass, and quality-of-life improvements.

(Source: GameRant)

It’s worth noting, though, it has yet to beat the title’s popularity enjoyed during its Shadowkeep era. It was when it first went free-to-play and before its initial round of content sunsetting. However, given the expansion’s unexpected success, it seems the game won’t suffer from player retention problems.

The strong performance of Destiny 2 on PC is excellent news for Bungie. The developers have been under pressure to deliver high-quality content to keep their franchise engaged. And as of now, it appears Bungie has succeeded in providing a DLC that has resonated with their audience and kept them coming back for more.

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