Bungie Made Legend Haunted Sectors a Literal Nightmare

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Bungie Made Legend Haunted Sectors a Literal Nightmare

Festival of the Lost 2023 is in full swing, and Guardians are eagerly testing their mettle in a new activity called Legend Haunter Sectors (LHS). This year, you can challenge yourself by playing a more complex version of the Haunted Sectors, which includes various modifiers and Champions. Moreover, Bungie introduced matchmaking, so you can finish LHS with someone’s assistance. Of course, everything didn’t go as planned, leading to a heated discussion about this activity in the Destiny 2 community.

Right now, one of the most popular Reddit posts in the DestinyTheGame subreddit is about the LHS discussion and criticism, even though comments note that player’s feedback is very questionable:


In our opinion, Legend Haunted Sectors has the following issues that prevent from full enjoyment:

A combination of these problems makes Legend Haunted Sectors a terrible holiday event mission that no one wants to launch. You still have to go there to farm engrams, but it’s a questionable effort without good friends. Nonetheless, developers could easily fix some issues next week by listening to players’ feedback. If you have problems farming LHS, we recommend looking into the Haunted Sectors Service, where professional Guardians complete them in the shortest time possible.

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Reddit dude really said “cHaMpIoNs LiMiT yOuR aRsEnAl” like literally every subclass doesn’t have two built-in champ coverage options, which will cover everything you need in the majority of cases where they’re present. and surges and overcharges don’t penalize you for not using the chosen weapons or elements, they just reward you for doing so. you wanna? cool, have a little damage. you don’t? also cool, have fun playing how you wanna play. also of course ads are gonna hit hard? it’s endgame content, which means you need to be good at the game and surviving. if you want an “invincible, omnipotent god” power fantasy, go run low-level missions in Warframe or mess around in patrols and baseline vanguard ops.


easy… it’s far from easy on legend. me and everyone else I know are veterans in the game and grandmaster nightfall and master dungeons are easier than this…