How Much Armor Sets Does Bungie Makes in a Whole Year

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How Much Armor Sets Does Bungie Makes

After yesterday’s State of the Game article, many players became interested in how many pieces of armor Bungie makes in a year. According to the studio, making Ritual Armor has become much more challenging without specifying the exact reasons why. The only argument from the studio is that few players wear them, but because the latest gear pieces looked less beautiful than the paid ones.

Nevertheless, the question regarding the number of gear sets in Destiny 2 remains. Reddit user u/Ragnorok3141 decided to make a small table, tallying everything. It has undergone some changes in the last few hours, but not in favor of Free-to-Play (FTP) players. Thus, those who bought the latest expansion and went through all the seasons will obtain up to 13 sets for each class (39 in total), which overall sounds good. However, on the flip side, there’s Eververse, which will receive 10 sets for each class within a year (meaning a total of 30), almost half of the total content in a year. This includes 4 events, 2 collaborations (there might be three), and 4 seasonal paid Armor Packs. At the same time, you can get only 1 Solstice and 1 Reprised Raid Armor for free, meaning 2 sets per class (6 in total).

Many Armor Pieces

In the comments, fans ask, “Does the game really needs to be free?” It’s a valid question considering that Free-to-Play Destiny 2 offers minimum content to familiarize yourself. It seems more like a demo version and doesn’t give a real sense of the game. Bungie focuses too much on the fact that Destiny is FTP, emphasizing paid cosmetics instead of free ones.

The latest article not only informed the audience about the issues with armor creation but also about the problems in creating new Crucible and Gambit updates, which infuriated fans. Nevertheless, Bungie promises to tell the audience more about the game’s future and pacify the disgruntled fanbase during the Destiny 2 Showcase.

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