Destiny 2 Glitch: Early Halloween with Headless Lord Saladin

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A Destiny 2 player recently shared a video on the r/destiny2 subreddit that showcased a slightly disturbing glitch in the FPS title. It makes the host of the Iron Banner events, Lord Saladin Forge, appears without his head.

It was discovered after Bungie released hotfix, which addressed several game-breaking bugs. Unfortunately, the decapitated version of Lord Saladin was not something anyone would foresee. The glitch was purely visual and did not affect gameplay. At the same time, it did provide plenty of amusement for other players on the subreddit. Many Redditors responded to the post with jokes. One user suggested that the Iron Lord showed an example of the perfect PvP loadout. Another user quipped, “Can’t get headshot if you don’t have a head.”

With any luck, the following hotfix for the game will include a solution for this issue and place the Titan’s head back where it rightfully belongs.

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