Glimmer Situation for New Lights Is Getting Out of Control

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Glimmer Situation for New Lights Is Getting Out of Control

Bungie is slowly preparing for the release of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, presenting significant economic changes, such as the complete removal of Legendary Shards. The news from TWID shocked many Guardians, mainly because they face issues with other in-game currencies.

A Reddit user with the nickname Skreege highlighted how ridiculous the amount of Glimmer (Glim) required by beginners is. As an example, to fully level up three light subclasses on one character, they would need about 1,410,500 Glim. This might sound reasonable in an MMO project, but there’s also Stasis with its upgrades, which requires another approximately 400,200 Glim.

A player has to collect a sum of 1,810,800 Glim, while the maximum they can hold in the inventory is only 250,000 Glim. Furthermore, the total does not account for the players’ desire to level up other characters, bringing the combined sum to around 5,440,500 Glimmers!

Users in the comments point out that Bungie still can’t make their game newcomers-friendly, and the situation worsens every year. Others note that this problem could be easily solved either by raising the currency cap or by reducing the subclass upgrade costs. Some point out that Guardians have to spend Glimmer on other things, like crafting and focusing, making it impossible for beginners to concentrate on subclass upgrades. Some Guardians don’t see this as an issue, believing they should play the game and newcomers shouldn’t be given everything immediately.

We have only to guess how this problem will intensify in the upcoming season and whether Bungie will ultimately address the currency issue. As of right now, they want to increase Glim drops, which should make everyone’s life easier. Currently, it’s clear: Veterans have the ability to play Destiny 2 normally, while New Lights must endure unbalanced resource farming.

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